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Four Ways to use Autumn Leaves πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚

The changing of the seasons brings about a plethora of wonderful new things – bulb planting, planning for next year….and leaves, so many leaves!

So what can we do with those leaves instead of them just going straight into the garden waste bins? Fear not, I’ve got four top tips to help you reuse those fallen friends in ways you may not have thought of before.

Leaf mould, I hear you ask? Leaf mould is essentially broken down leaf matter that you can then use as a natural compost or even as a mulch next year. You could either use a plastic bag, making sure to add air holes for circulation or you could even use a hessian fruit/veg bag, such as these ones from the amazing folk at Good Roots Barn!

Its as simple as filling up the bag as much as you can and waiting…Leaf Mould can take a long time to break down so pop it away somewhere hidden and let it do its thing. After a year it’ll be fine to use for mulch but give it at least two years to give you some good quality compost for pots and border.

These ones from Good Roots Barn are perfect!

ALso available in Wilko or online here!

You’ll likely already have fallen leaves laying on your borders and these can just be left alone! They add a very welcome extra layer of protection during these colder months and they’ll do absolutely no harm whatsoever, in fact far from it. Over time they’ll rot away and the matter will work its way into your soil, taking the added nutrients with them. I’ve found that once you’ve moved them to your borders, if you give them a little water then they’re more likely to stay in place and not blow around.

Leaves that have fallen on paths and walkways should be cleared away as these can prove to make surfaces quite slippery and we don’t need any accidents do we!?

If your border are covered in leaves then its likely your lawn is too. Any leaves, big or small, that are sitting on the lawn can just be mown in during your final few mows of the year. These smaller chunks left behind will follow a similar fate as those left on your borders, working their way into your lawn and adding more nutrition to those valuable blades of green!

We all know that our lawns can become neglected so this little added boost is certainly no bad thing.

And if in doubt, just save them up to use in the compost bin next year.

Every good composter knows that you need a mixture of strong organic greens and a healthy dose of dry matter too. In spring when everything is starting to look lush and you’ve got a steady supply of greenery, these dry materials can be at a bit of a premium so if you save some now (kept in a dry place, such as a garage or shed) then you can add these to your heap next year and get a head start.

I bet there are tonnes more uses for leaves other than just these four. Can you think of anything else you can put them to use with?

Leave a comment here or head to the Instagram post here to add to the conversation!

Looking forward to seeing what you all get up to with your autumnal leaves!

Adam πŸ‚

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