My Favourite Plants for an Autumn/Winter Display!

For some, Autumn and Winter are the seasons where everything stops
and we ‘put the garden to bed’ but for me…it’s when the garden really comes to life and there is so much left to do!

Traditionally it’s when we put our feet up and let the garden do its thing, slow down and have a rest – but I find myself actually doing more during the colder months and this includes putting together some wonderful displays to take us through until Spring!

I’ve partnered with Thompson & Morgan, once again, to bring you my top three plants to make any patio or garden container display give you something beautiful to enjoy until the bulbs pop up next year!

You’ve heard of Heuchera so think of Heucherella as a cross between this and another member of the same family, the Tiarella.

Heucherella combine all of the qualities of the two and create one spectacular plant. The ‘Pink Revolution‘ will give you months of colour and will reward you with wonderful flowers and lofty tall spikes.

At the back of a container they’ll add height, structure and a real point of interest. When spring comes, you can hoof it out and plant it in the middle of a border to grow on for years to come.

Heucherella come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but their common qualities are broad leaves and tall flower spikes that seemingly appear out of nowhere.

They are clump forming and benefit from a good dividing every few years to reinvigorate them.

A real garden staple and fantastic bit of ground cover when not used in a container.

Cyclamen, to me, are the perfect winter bedding plant! Our garden wouldn’t be caught dead without pots and pots of them all hiding tonnes of bulbs…

These beautiful Cyclamen Hederifolium are available as established plants or as bulbs for you to grow yourself at home. They tend to grow well in most conditions, but I find that they’re at their best in dappled shade, away from the extremes of wind and rain – this is when they really shine!

I really adore Cyclamen, in all their forms, but I especially love their beautiful, almost curly, delicate petals. Don’t know about you, but they remind me of sweet peas in a way.

They’re ideal as bedding for pots of bulbs or for naturalising under trees or in the shadier parts of your garden, as you can see in the photo here. They’ll be right at home – nestled down beneath the taller Heucherella.

And last but not least, no display for this time of year is complete without something trailing over the edge of the pot and in this case it’s the dark evergreen Hedera Hibernica.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while, you’ll know that I like my pots to have colour, height and interest around the whole pot and this ivy helps provide the latter. Containers always look their best with lots going on and breaking up the perimeter really helps take the eyes on a journey.

Ivy can sometimes get a bit of a bad reputation, but if you’re careful and you contain it, then it’ll do no wrong. These will also give you clusters of yellow flowers in the later summer months, followed by black berries that will keep the birds fed into autumn.

Ivy can sometimes get a bit of a bad reputation but if you’re careful and you contain it then it’ll do no wrong.

There you have it – a few wonderful options from Thompson & Morgan to get your autumn gardening going and growing.

If you’ve never put a container together before, then it really is as easy as choosing a few plants and arranging them how you think they look good. Of course, there can be more to it than that, but sometimes it’s good to experiment and see what works in your garden.

Thompson & Morgan have a wonderful range of plants available all year round and all the plants used here are still available now.

I’m looking forward to seeing your pots and containers burst with life, so make sure you tag me in yours on Instagram!

Adam 🍂

Disclaimer: This post is as part of a paid partnership with Thompson & Morgan. Links included here are to the items mentioned, on the T&M website. Links are not affiliates.

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