The Potting Bench Diaries – 19th January 2022

What’s The Weather Like: “When a cold wind blows it chills you…chills you to the bone!” (bonus points for anyone who knows what film that’s from)! It’s been proper winter weather in the Midlands this week, -4°C one night and frosts almost every day. But, we’ve also had those GLORIOUS winter sunrises and sunsets….even a gorgeous ‘moonset’ or two, this one from Neil was particularly brilliant!

What I’m Doing: Last week I said that I wanted to get some tidying done and maybe cut some things back, but I’ve abandoned that idea I think. One thing I have done is tidy up the pots full of bulbs. I’d gone a little heavy on the bedding (mainly cyclamen) and the emerging bulbs were starting to push them out the way, so I’ve just had enough and took them all out! It’s revealed so many more bulbs poking out than I’d realised were coming through.

Now that the cyclamen and ivy are out the way, these little shoots can reach for the winter sun and grow, grow, grow!

What I’m Sowing This Week: This week I’ve sown my very first Cobaea Scandens from Chiltern Seeds, which I think is the plant I’m most excited for this year! I love climbers and I really wanted to try out something prolific that would cover a fence and this could be just the thing. Sowing was a right pain though: the packet said to soak the seeds, which I posted about on IG and had tons of messages to say not to bother – you live and learn! Are you growing them this year? Also going to do the last lot of sweet peas at the weekend, cannot wait!

I’d usually say follow what the packet says, but I don’t think I’ll be soaking these again!

Anything Else? We had a honeysuckle that had given up, so I bit the bullet and just got rid! Could do with a new climber to cover an awkward bit of large trellis now…any suggestions of your favourites?

I’ll be back next Wednesday with another entry to The Potting Bench Diaries.

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