The Potting Bench Diaries – 26th January 2022

What’s The Weather Like: Still bloody cold in Birmingham but the nights are getting warmer – the thermometer in the zippy is recording night-time temps of 3°C on average (last week we got to -4°C!!). The slightly warmer weather means that I’m going to start putting the germinated seedlings into the zippy more often, maybe bringing them in at night if a particularly cold snap is due.

Just some of the many (many many many) pots of bulbs by the backdoor. There are daffs, tulips, crocus and anemones all nestled in here ready for a hopefully show stopping display…fingers crossed!

What I’m Doing: This weekend we repotted a few houseplants and moved a few pots around. Now the bulbs are coming up I’ve moved some of the pots nearer to the back door so we can see them growing and growing every day. All of the bulbs were done with my little garden helper so it’s really important to me that she seems them coming through, knowing that she planted them!

My little helper has been out with me in all weathers over winter. We spend so much time in the potting shed that we’ve got a heater and a radio in there now too!

What I’m Sowing This Week: We’ve not sown anything at all this week but I have taken the plunge and ordered a heated propagator to give the upcoming sowings a good kicks start. The snapdragons we put in a few weeks ago haven’t germinated yet (and they should have by now) and I reckon it’s mainly heat related. The propagator (from Urban Grow) is going to be doing a lot of work! Next week sees a real jump in seed sowing…more on that next week

Anything Else? Hoping to clear out a planter this weekend and let you all decide on what we do with it! Watch this space!

I’ll be back next Wednesday with another entry to The Potting Bench Diaries.

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