The Potting Bench Diaries – 16th February 2022

What’s The Weather Like: All over the place…that’s what the weather is like! Sun…wind…rain…a typical British February I’d say. Luckily Zippy has been fine (hope yours have too!) but the thermometer is registering higher and higher temperatures at night, which must be a sign that spring is on the way….?

The heated propagator is being put to full use…not sure if you should stack these but it seems to be working just fine. The top tier of trays are definitely getting enough heat to germinate the seeds they’re holding!

What I’m Doing: I’ve been on annual leave this week so I’ve done a fair bit more than I normally would outside. During the one sunny day we had this week, I went to Homebase as I’d heard word that they’d got some small terracotta pots for relatively cheap. I treated myself to 16 of them (!) to pot up some daffs, crocus and pansies into a little display.

Other than that I’ve been doing more sowing (more below) and potting on some more of the seedlings that have outgrown their initial trays. I’ve also been busy ordering some plug plants from eBay (thanks for the tip off Sharon) which have started to arrive. So far I’ve ordered Petunias (too much of a faff growing from seed last year), Helichrysum, Bidens and Lavender (Augustifolia ‘Hidcote’). The 18 Lavender plugs have arrived so they just need potting on ready to go out when all risk of frost has gone.

12 of the terracotta pots have gone on this plant stand that we’ve had a few year but never put to full use. I’m anticipating a little show stopping display on here when they’re all in bloom. Fingers crossed!

What I’m Sowing This Week: Since the last update I’ve sown Lupin ‘Sunrise’ and Rudbeckia ‘White Swan’ (from @therosepressgarden).

What is Germinating!: Amazingly the Lupin have started to germinate after only a day…mad! And the Liz Stevens’ Sweet Peas have germinated too – not too sure where all these Sweet Peas are going to go?! Elsewhere, the snapdragons from a few weeks ago show no sign of coming through; I fear that these have failed and I kept them too moist!

Anything Else? I’ve rearranged some of the MANY pots near the backdoor and the bulbs just keep on growing! Literally cannot wait for these to all come out…that signal the real beginning of spring for me!

I’ll be back next week with another entry to The Potting Bench Diaries

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