The Potting Bench Diaries – 9th March 2022

What’s The Weather Like: Thinking of changing this subheading on the diary out of a fear of just saying cold / wind / wet every week!! All joking aside…there has actually been some sun this week and I’m sure we’ve all been out there trying to make the most of it again. It might be cold but that chill in the air is refreshing and after a brisk hour in the garden I can’t say that I’ve been cold!

Can’t get enough of this corner of the garden – pots galore! Arthur Parkinson, eat your heart out! They’re starting to really fill out and the crocus and tete a tete are bringing a very welcome ZING of colour. Once these are all finished I’ll plant them all out to let them naturalise in the ground.

What I’m Doing: I’m itching to get more done but all the jobs I want to do will have to wait a bit longer. A lot of you have done your first low chop of the lawn this week and I was tempted but it’s been too wet here – maybe next week! I did however move our Echium this week but sadly I think it’s now had enough and popped its clogs…only time will tell.

Perhaps most excitingly, I’ve been out to get all the materials I need for this year’s main sweet pea growing area and I can’t wait for a spare afternoon to build it! If it works then it’s going to be glorious – I’m picturing picking bloom after bloom over summer, fingers crossed!

In the veg garden, the potatoes are now out and are start to chit – ready to get in the bags when their ready (when they’ve got about 1-2 cm of shoots). If you haven’t seen then I’m doing an experiment this year by chitting half and planting half normally, lets see who wins!

Little hands have been helping me again – this time we’ve done some sowing together, our favourite thing to do. She filled the pots up and popped the seeds in and topped them with a little compost using a teaspoon. We always do this with the radio on so we can have a dance at the same time!

What I’m Sowing This Week: Much much busier week for sowing over the last week or so with some more Cosmos on the go – this time it’s the classic Purity and also Lemonade (not to be confused with Apricot Lemonade!). We’ve also direct sown some beautiful Poppy Album in a few places and a few pots too for yet more summer blooms.

What is Germinating!: Germination wise, it’s been another slow one this week but the Lobelia (far too heavily sown!) have germinated so I’ve thinned them out with some tweezers and the Aubretia from last week have **just** about started to push through.

Couldn’t resist also sharing a photo of the strongest looking Cobaea Scandens seedlings ever. I’ve potted these on so they should start to fill out even more over the coming weeks. Into the zippy they go!

Anything Else? Next week surely must be the time of cutting the hydrangea back…surely? I cant hang on any longer!!

Come and let me know what you’ve all been up to in your green spaces…

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