The Potting Bench Diaries – 16th March 2022

What I’m Doing: This week has been one of those weeks where I’ve felt really productive and I know why….the weather is improving! I even did a little gardening in a t-shirt this weekend…..a t-shirt in March! Luckily this coincided with a week where I need to get lots done to catch up. A list as long as my arm and I think there was only one thing that didn’t get done!

I’ve made an extra little ‘potted border’ that i’m calling Growers Row – currently holding the four main foxgloves grown from the seeds of last years’ plants and the bare root of an Astilbe (that I’ve potted up until I know where I’m going to put it)!

This week has seen progress in the veg garden and with lots of other bits and pieces. The potatoes are in (two bags, one load have been chitted and the second bag aren’t – for an experiment) and the carrots have been sown next to the garlic in the hope that the garlic puts off the carrot fly. Gladioli have gone in, the dahlia has been potted up, sunflowers have been sown (more below) and I’ve even taken cuttings from two begonias (Benigo Pink and Iron Cross) for a friend

The garden diary is really getting used well at the moment (as you can see from all the compost stains). You’ll notice ‘Sit Down’ has been circled….reckon I sat down at all in the garden this week?? Did I heck!

What I’m Sowing This Week: Not much being sown this week but the highlight has to be the sunflowers going in – more details on the seeds we’ve chosen, soon. The only other sowing that has happened this week are a couple of poppy varieties from The Rose Press Garden which I’ve done in a few pots to pop (pun intended) around the garden where there might be gaps. I’m hoping this will be a clever trick to help things feel fuller where plants might not fill out as much as I expect.

The sunflowers have been sown….I repeat…the sunflowers have been sown. This really signals the start of spring for me (although the actual, official start isnt for a few more days…). Most are in trays but these are the four that my daughter chose to sow in her pots

What is Germinating!: The cosmos sown last week has had a 100% germination rate which means I’ll have some extra plant babies to give out to family. Nothing else has been sown since last week so not much else to report there!

Anything Else? Last week I said that I couldn’t resist cutting back the hydrangea and this week I just couldn’t help it – it’s done and there’s no going back now. I can always fleece it if a bad frost is forecast

Come and let me know what you’ve all been up to in your green spaces…

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