The Potting Bench Diaries – 13th April 2022

What I’m Doing This Week: After the move around last week everything is pretty much in place for the rest of the season, unless there are any late additions…which I think there might just be. Most of the pots of daffs are still looking good but some of them are on the turn so I’ve cut a few more for the house and then I’ll either move the rest where they can be seen or I’ll get them in the ground for next year.

The good thing about some of the daffs going over is that the tulips are able to shine that little be brighter now. I may have over done the daffs this year…maybe more tulips next time…either that are I’ll need to get some more pots!

The tulips are looking the best we’ve ever had in the garden and you might have seen the massive planter that I posted on Instagram. Purple and white tulips are such a fantastic combination but I think I may just add a splash of orange to them next year too. One of my favourite bulb techniques is to use two complimentary colours and then throw in something totally different, it usually works really well.

Elsewhere, the Garlic is romping ahead and looking good! Not much action from the carrots though, they were sown weeks ago and there’s only sign of two seedlings so far. Still, first time growing them so it’s all a lesson learnt!

What I’m Sowing/Planting This Week: No sowing at all this week but I’ve finally got my act together and planted out some bare root White Hostas that needed doing. We’ve got the perfect little spot in the shady border for them, right next to the Astilbe. Looking forward to seeing those later in the year!

We got a cherry blossom just after the first lockdown and it wasn’t really very happy where it was so I’ve given it some more shelter from the wind and harsh sun and its come on leaps and bounds in the last few weeks, plenty of buds ready to burst open!

The zippy is fit to burst now and I’m just aching to get some of these plants in the ground! It gets to this time of year and I think we’re all in that limbo stage or wanting the last frosts to come and go so we can start filling all those gaps.

In other news…? The podcast is still in full force and the episode last week with Cloud Gardener UK has been really well received, this week’s is also a really good one.

So happy to have sat down to chat with Mr Plant Geek himself, Michael Perry to talk about how it all started and where its all going…if you haven’t listened yet then its really worth finding!

I’m loving doing these updates in audio form too and I hope you’re enjoying hearing them. See you next week!

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