The Potting Bench Diaries – 27th April 2022

What I’m Doing This Week: Its official…time of death 9am on 27th April….the daffodils have gone for another year. But there’s no mourning because they’ve been amazing this year and I’m already thinking ahead to which ones to try again next time and those that might make a new appearance. I don’t know about you but i’ve got notepads full of bulbs I’ve seen online and on social media that I want to try!

I’m much more of a spring bulb gardener but I’ve upped-the-ante this summer with Lilies (for the first time), more gladioli than ever and even some Dahlias…but let’s not talk about those! Here’s to the brightest summer yet.

The earlier tulips are starting to fade but there are plenty still on the way that haven’t opened yet. I’m such an impatient gardener so I’ll likely move the fading ones (while they’re still in the green) and reuse the pots for something else…but I’ve not planned that far ahead just yet! Most likely a mixture of summer bedding bits a pieces and some new things I’ve not tried before so watch this space.

Elsewhere, the windowsills are completely full and with the weather being so mild here I’m going to take a punt and plant a few things out. I know, I know…there could be a late frost but I’ve over sown as always so there are backups if we do lose anything. Some of the sunflowers are out already and are growing well!

What I’m Sowing/Planting This Week: No sowing this week but there is more being potted up for the zippy. I got an Echinacea (Pretty Parasols) and also a Dicentra spectabilis Alba (Bleeding Hearts) from Farmer Gracy this week, both bare roots, so those have been soaked and have gone into the zippy to grow on a bit before going out.

Another one of those gardening things that feels a bit like a science experiment…emptying them out of the bags, soaking them and potting on. It feels like some proper gardening is finally happening this year!

In the veg garden the potatoes have gone bonkers over the last week and they’ve needed earthing up four or five times in the last 7 days alone. For those that haven’t seen my little experiment then I’m growing in bags this year and one bag has chitted pots in and the other has unchitted. So far there has been no noticable difference between them in growth, but the proof will be in the harvest…

The garlic continues to do well and there are many more carrot seedlings too, they took their time but they’re on the way! I think I’ve found the proper gateway veg that will lead to even more next year, it’s been so exciting for the whole family!

In other news…? The podcast powers on and this week is a proper powerhouse of a guest…

I had the huge pleasure of talking to the multiple Chelsea Gold Medal winning designer, Jo Thompson. This gave me the chance to really look inside the mind of a one of the countries top plantswomen…I think Jo might have really enjoyed this too. You’ll have to listen to find out!

And just like that it’s nearly May…we’ll be looking back on the year gone by before you know it!

Have a great week and I’ll be back next week with more

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