The Potting Bench Diaries – 18th May 2022

What I’m Doing This Week: The concept of feeling on top of things is such a rarity in gardening isn’t it – but at the time of writing this, I feel on top of it all….for now! I’ve been through everything in the zippy, cleared out anything that might have *cough cough* died in my neglect and picked off a fair few snails and slugs while I was there! The borders are filling up nicely and those couple of cheeky plants I got out a few weeks ago are paying dividends. I might have risked it against a potential late frost, but I’m so glad I did.

The cosmos is making its way outside and this year I’ve opted for some in the borders and some in pots. I’m really hoping that the ones in pots will help add some height to the pot collection on the patio where the tallest of the tall tulips once stood.

There are just more and more pots being added all the time and I’m so happy with how they work together. Discovering what the likes of Claus Dalby does with pots has been an absolute revelation with our garden and it just gives the ability to move and change things with a fairly low amount of effort. If you’re not a container gardener then I’d highly recommend giving a few a go. You’ll be surprised how easy it is and the possibilities that growing this way can give you.

What I’m Sowing/Planting This Week: Lots of planting out this week, including the aforementioned cosmos, and some Echinacea (also in a pot), bleeding hearts, peonies and all sorts of things are coming out of the zippy and into their final positions. The sweet peas are all out (I think) and growing nicely up the frame I shared with you before. I’m so tempted to get the dahlias into the ground, but they still feel quite small, so I’m going to let them put on some more growth first.

I found a random packet of Nasturtium ‘Peach Melba’ from The Rose Press Garden that I totally forgot I’d ordered so I’ve direct sown some in pots and I’m sowing some indoors too as a back-up. These are such a favourite of ours AND the flowers are edible…win win! I definitely recommend growing these this year, if you aren’t already.

The tulip trough that I mentioned last week is coming along well and the gladioli are popping out, which is so exciting! I may have over-stuffed this trough with too many plants… but I thought the same with the tulips and that worked out the best that it possibly could have. I might have even direct sown some icelandic poppies in there too – I’m not one for excess…

The weather at the moment is so up and down: high heat and the wettest of rainy days is bringing out all the slugs and snails! I personally quite like these slimy friends so long as they’re not munching on my hostas, dahlias and sunflowers. Our lawn was full of them this morning and they’re not causing any harm, so I’ve let them do their thing.

In other news…? Episode 8 of the podcast is live and the feedback on this one has been overwhelming!

This episode features Kenny Raybould, perhaps better known as Prince Of Plants. We talk all about Kenny’s time at Covent Garden, breaking the ‘rules’ of horticulture and not being afraid to bend the norm when it comes to growing…and a warning – this episode contains some strong language!

That’s it from me, have a great week and I’ll be back next week with more.

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