The Potting Bench Diaries – 20th July 2022

What I’m Doing This Week: Not a fat lot in this heat!! This kind of heat really isn’t conducive for too much gardening but there are still some bits and pieces to be enjoying. For anyone reading and listening to this from outside the UK, we’re currently having somewhat of a heatwave here with temperatures reaching an all time high for the UK and its doing the garden no favours at all really. But they’ll soon bounce back and be better than ever before…

The first sowing of biennials has happened over the last week or so and the first out of the gate are the foxgloves. A lot of you will have already started yours off but I’m slightly behind I think. There is plenty of time to be doing yours but best to get them going now so they can put on growth over summer before planting out

If you’ve never grown biennials before then its usually as simple as sowing seeds in the normal way, but instead of them flowering in the same year you sow them – they’ll flower next year instead. Some of the most common ones are Foxgloves, Aquilegia, Nigella and Delphiniums. If you sow your seeds now you’ll have young plants ready to plant out in early autumn – right around the same time you’ll be planting your spring bulbs! I love sowing seeds so it feels really exciting to be doing some more again.

The last of the lilies have bloomed for the year and they’re my favourites so far I think. These are Stracciatella ‘Event’ and the colours on them are to die for, a deep centre and light edge, passing through an ombre effect – with the orange pollen standing out like mini pollinator beacons in the middle, beautiful!

Elsewhere, I was very fortunate to attend an event at a private garden in Cheshire this past weekend and boy oh boy was it a beautiful day for it. The garden is set within a 5 acre estate and it’s an absolute marvel of a place. Sadly I can’t let you know where it is exactly but the head gardener works tirelessly to create a space that combines modern, traditional and everything in between.

The garden itself is split into several different zones but one continual theme is water, flowing effortlessly between each space – connecting them through one common element. Water features, static water and a stunning pond complete with a rowing boat – I’ve come away with a head full if ideas for our tiny garden

In other news…? Season 2 of the podcast is now over! BUT, plans for season 3 are well under way so watch this space….

The last episode was with the legendary Charles Dowding but I’d love to know who YOU want to hear me in conversation with. Which gardening mind would you like to get inside? Let me know over on Instagram or leave a comment on this blog post to let me know

That’s it from me, have a great week and I’ll be back next week with more.

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