The Potting Bench Diaries – 21st September 2022

What I’m Doing This Week: This weather has got me really wanting to rip out all the pots and get the bulbs in! But there is still plenty of life in our pots yet – the Salvia, Gaura, Dahlias (and God knows what else) are still seemingly going strong, with a final September hurrah. There’s the odd pot here and there that has passed it’s best that I’m going to get some daffs in- more on that later.

A touch more sowing has happened this week with some Ammi Visage going in. These have been an absolutely joy this year and they’re still in the ground at the moment – albeit in their end of life stage! I’ve harvested a few seeds, to sow now and I’ll chop down the rest in due course.

I’ve also been taking some cuttings this week of a few salvias. Salvias aren’t always that hardy, which means there’s potential to lose some over winter, so I’ll always take cuttings as a back up plan! They’re dead easy to do and the success rate with varieties, such as Amistad, are generally pretty favourable.

I’ve taken some from our Amistad along with Amethyst Lips, Wollerton White and another that I can’t remember the name of (and have long lost the label!) This has to be one of my favourite things to do at this time of year, building up stock for next year!

Earlier on I said that I was tentatively planting the odd pot of bulbs and the first of the daffs have gone in this week. I tend to start off shy with daffs and then go hell for leather and do loads, I just can’t resist!

The variety in this pot are called Pheasant’s Eye, which were really popular last year. They’re quite a late blooming variety but the wait is well worth it for the intense fragrance alone – I’d definitely recommend them if you haven’t tried them before.

These were from B&M and I think they were £2 for a bag of 6, which seems expensive, but the fragrance really is worth it. Places like B&M, Wilko and others are well worth checking out as their selection and prices really can’t be beaten – finding garden bargains is half the fun!

And finally, my newsletter has got a name! ‘Seed Between The Lines’ brings together all the details of what you might have missed over the week AND podcast guests announcements, ahead of them being announced anywhere else. If you’d like to join the exclusive club, then click here!

And that wraps things up for another week from me – next week is a big week, with the return of the full podcast – can’t wait for you to hear the first guest!

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