The Potting Bench Diaries – 28th September 2022

What I’m Doing This Week: Not sure about your garden but ours is still doing ok, despite the drop in temperatures are threat of the dreaded first frost…hope I haven’t jinxed it now saying that! The Dahlias seem to be having that typical September burst and the more I’ve been cutting, the more they’ve been flowering. The cosmos is still going like the clappers too – Sonata Pink shows no signs of stopping at all, its a fantastic variety that I’ll be sure to grow again next year for sure.

There are other bits and pieces around the garden that continue to surprise me too. Our Nasturtiums, I thought, were long gone and I cut them right back in an effort to see if they’d put on another flush – and they have! Only a few flowers but its welcome all the same.

I don’t think I ever make enough of nasturtiums so I’d like to give them some more space next year in a nice big pot. They always seem at their best when they’ve got some space to sprawl and do their thing, rather than being confined to a tiny pot or basket. And don’t forget, you can eat them…

At the weekend I went to the Malvern Autumn Show at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern and what a fun packed day that was! I caught up with a few friends from Instagram and of course I manage to fill my car with new plants! One of which was a wonderful Miscanthus sinensis ‘Flamingo’.

The Miscanthus has gone at the back of the rockery in a space that I wasn’t entirely happy with this year. Last year we had a huge Erysimum Bowles Mauve, which I had to take out as it had gotten too big for the space, but this year I grew some Ammi there instead. The Ammi was fine but kind of took over a little so now I’ve taken it out and planted the space up with some tall Salvia Amistad, various verbena of differing heights and the Miscanthus. Its sparse at the moment but next year it’ll look fantastic…I hope!

One thing I wanted to mention before the year is out is protection against slugs. Now I’ve taken out the sunflowers I’m reminded that I used Slug Rings to help ward off the critters against the young sunflower plants – they were amazing and I’d highly recommend them next year for Sunflowers, Dahlias and Hostas!

In Podcast news: its back for a new season with a huge list of fantastic guests lined up! From big names to some you might not have heard of….yet!

Episode 1 of the new season features a conversation with Garden Designer, RHS Judge and Judge on Channel 4’s ‘Garden Of The Year’ – Manoj Malde. We talk all about how Manoj’s past in fashion isnt all that different to his current life in horticulture! Its a cracking listen so definitely give it a listen when you get chance

And that’s it from me for another week. The weather is turning and the thought of putting the heating on for the first time this year has started to creep in…that said, I love autumn so bring it on!

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