The Potting Bench Diaries – 19th October 2022

This week… has involved no bulb buying whatsoever…absolute none, not a single bulb. No, I didn’t think that would sound very convincing! I’ve been on another bulb buying spree, this time a few more daffs for the planter out the front, to go with the tulips. And I’ve also got some more crocus to top some of the tulips pots too, all from Wilko and Homebase. The majority of our tulips are orange, white and purple so I’ve got crocus in the same colours to compliment the tulips.

I’ll be pairing orange crocus with purple tulips, white crocus with orange tulips and purple crocus with the white tulips….you get the point there anyway! This should help continue the colour scheme a little earlier into the year.

The planter out the front will be a whole load of mixed Lily Flowering tulips from Farmer Gracy. I think it got a little over complicated last year so I’m keeping it simple time. The daffodils will go in with the tulips in a large lasagne style to keep things nice and simple. I might possibly be tempted to pop some alliums in here too for a bit of height. The planter sits right in front of our front window so I like the idea of the alliums popping up through the window as we look out.

This week I’ve also found another use for a bulb planter that I’ve been using around the garden. A friend over on Instagram (@gardeneriddler) sent me tonnes of Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ and using a bulb planter has made getting these in the ground an absolute breeze. Its the first time I’ve grown this and I know it can get quite large so these have been well spaced out!

Last week I mentioned the sweet pea varieties that I’m growing this year however, I received one more in the post that I’d forgotten about! Sweet Pea ‘Peter Seabrook’ is a new variety bred by Chris Wiley from @Sow Successful, named in the honour of the late, great – Peter Seabrook. This will sit beautifully against my other colours this year!

One more thing to mention from the garden this week is the fact that our Cobaea Scandens have finally flowered! I thought that it wasn’t going to happen, but I noticed something from the kitchen window over the weekend and I ran out to check! The darker shade shows no sign of flowers but the lighter white/pale green is flowering its socks off!

In Podcast news: The latest episode is now live and ready to listen to!

This episode features a conversation with gardener, writer, podcaster and lecturer, Tamsin Westhorpe.

There isn’t a part of horticulture that Tamsin hasn’t given a go and her latest book tells us all about it! I know Tamsin and I would love to think that you’re listening to this while pottering away outside. Click here to listen to the episode now.

Next week will hopefully see some of the tulips going in and I’m also going to be trying something new with a few of the tulips I think…so you’ll have to come back then to see what that might be…

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