Book Review: ‘Hortus Curious’ by Michael ‘Mr Plant Geek’ Perry

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Prepare to learn things about plants that you never thought
you’d ever learn…

…and all thanks to the charismatic and ridiculously knowledgeable
Mr Plant Geek, Michael Perry.

Where to begin when writing a plant book? The basics…they’ve been done. The expert tips…that’s been done too…but how about delving deep into the world of the weird, wacky and wonderful? Yes, that’s much more interesting and much more along the lines of what we’d expect from Mr Plant Geek himself.

Hortus Curious throws us into the depths of the rude, the naughty and the sexy plants of the world. This is interesting – yes – but this is seriously, seriously interesting – and funny too – its got the lot.

There will be plants in here that you’ve heard of and some that you haven’t, some that you’d love to see for yourself and some you’ll never want to go near in the slightest!

If there were ever a book that was perfectly befitting of its author then this is that book! Hortus Curious blends a mixture of the intricate landscape of horticulture with a really approachable style, which makes this an ideal read for the seasoned plant pro or the newbie in a plant based world.

Each page is designed in such a way that the information is easy to understand whilst not being simplified too much to make it uninteresting – in fact, far from it. Michael understands the importance for Latin plant name usage but he also knows that making plants accessible and for everyone, is the key to bringing more people to plants – something this book will no doubt help do!

Split into five chapters – this book will have you whizzing across the globe, taking in all the delights that the weird, wacky and wonderful have to offer. Chapters include ‘Plants Behaving Badly’ and ‘X-Rated Plants… so I’ll leave it to your imagination to think of what they might include. But let me tell you, its exactly what you’re thinking!

This book is one that will adorn bookshelves and coffee tables of plant lovers for years to come.

Hortus Curious is out now from DK Books with an RRP of £16.99. Or you can buy it here now for just £12!

Do check out Michael’s Instagram page or Twitter, where you can find him
on both @mr_plantgeek.

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