Book Review: ‘A Flower A Day’ by Miranda Janatka

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Imagine living in a world where a new flower opens every day of the year…well, we do!

…and Miranda Janatka has compiled some of these into one of the most beautiful botanical books of our time.

‘A Flower A Day’ brings together a sublime collection of florals from around the world for us to enjoy, without even needing to go anywhere!

This, at first glance, is an observation of flowers – but its more than that – this book talks about their meanings, their history, their names, where they can be found. This is actually not a book, its a love letter from Miranda, directly to flowers and what they mean to her. And Miranda certainly knows her stuff, having studied at Kew and now in her role at Gardener’s World Magazine.

A Flower A Day’ is a year long advent calendar for fellow floral addicts, ideal for bedside reading for a snapshot each day.

Now, I have to be clear here – this isn’t an instructional tome. You wont be discovering the problems you’ve been having with your peonies or the troubles with your tulips, no – that’s not what this book is for. At the heart of this book is a journey through what flowers bring to our every day lives.

The likelihood is that your favourite plant is in here and the chances are that you’ll learn quite a lot through these pages. Did you know, for example, that Hydrangea are ‘historically linked to gratitude and apology’? It is believed that a Japanese emperor gave them to a maiden he was in love with, to apologise for neglecting her’. Next time you’re feeling guilty about something, then perhaps buying them a hydrangea is on the cards?

Its worth noting the exceptional beauty throughout this book, not only from the words – but the illustrations too. I use the word illustrations loosely because between these pages we’re treated to drawings, photographs, paintings and a multitude of other works to further illustrate the meaning of flowers to Miranda and us all.

To end as I began, this simply is one of the most beautiful botanical books of our time.

A Flower A Day is out now from Batsford Books with an RRP of £20 but can be found here for £15.

Do check out Miranda’s Instagram page @miranda.janatka or Twitter, where you’ll find her as @Miranda_j

And, if you’d like to hear more from Miranda, then watch this space as Miranda will be appearing on the upcoming season 4 of Tales From The Potting Bench starting at the end of February!

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