The Potting Bench Diaries – 25th January 2023

This week…has been crazy cold, with some part of the UK getting down to as low as -8°C, but at the same time there has been temperatures in the double figures too?? One day it’s felt mild and the next day has been arctic! Our poor plants don’t know whether they’re coming or going at the moment, one thing is for sure – its been bright, even when cold – which has been an absolute blessing!

Last week I told you about the first seeds to germinate this year (see last week’s post for more) and this week there are more sprouting up, this time its the turn of the sweet peas. I’m growing 5 varieties this year but the first to show signs of life are the Peter Seabrook variety from Chris Wiley’s Sow Successful – created in honour of the late, great plantsman Peter Seabrook. These are a light lilac coloured variety which should be a real treat in the garden this year. The other varieties I’m growing are all largely orange and purple – my favourite colour combination at the moment!

Elsewhere in the garden, signs of life are aplenty as some plants start to awaken from their winter slumber. Its a little early for the hydrangea perhaps, but its nice to see them nonetheless. I’ve had a good scout around this weekend and there are signs of perennials coming up all over the place even things such as Heleniums are putting out tiny new shoots. Mad to think that they’re already getting ready to show us what they’ve got in 2023 when I haven’t even cut some of the older things back yet! At least that old growth is there to protect them while they grow I suppose.

At the beginning of this week’s ramble I mentioned just how bright it had been and over the weekend I made a concerted effort to get outside and get some of that sun on my face – it felt glorious! If you haven’t been out to stick your face in it yet then I’d highly recommend it for a good mood boost!

We all know about the effects that the colder months have on our mood and this is closely linked to the levels of light we get during this time of year. So getting out into the bright sun (despite the cold!) will do wonders – I promise!

Speaking of ‘doing wonders’ do make sure you give your bird feeders a top up while you’re out there won’t you? We’ve got a range of feeds and seeds out all year round and it can be a pain trying to remember to fill them up but it really is necessary! Birds will be having a tough time through this cold snap and finding food will be that touch more difficult so anything you can get out for them will be a big help.

And you don’t have to break the bank, this isn’t an Ad but I got some from Poundland this week!

And last but not least, a look ahead to this week’s book review.

The hotly hotly anticipated To Stand And Stare from Andrew O’Brien is out next week (2nd Feb) but come back here on Friday and I’ll have a review ahead of release for you. This is one book that you’re all going to love, no matter how much or how little you think you know about gardening.

The book may not be out until next week but you can pre-order the book here for just £14 (the RRP is £16.99) RRP of £16.99!

And a final reminder, do try and get out in the sun if you can – you’ll love it!

See you again Friday

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