Book Review: ‘Ranunculus’ by Naomi Slade

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Have you ever grown Ranunculus and could you do with some advice??

If you’re anything like me, then this could be the book to give your buttercups a boost!

**But, before we go any further, do make sure you listen to my recent conversation with Naomi – where, among other things – we discuss even more about this book. You can listen to that episode, here**

This book aside from anything else, is a pure daydream of a journey through the stunning buttercup family of plants. Naomi expertly crafts a book that not only informs, but there really is also a narrative that runs through each of the species and cultivars on display through its 200 odd pages.

But why, some of you may be asking, Ranunculus – and why now? Simply, as Naomi puts it, they’re “…as pert as a rosebud and blousy as a dahlia, Ranunculus asiaticus is the flower of the moment.”

This really does beg the question, are Ranunculus next in line for a resurgence, just as we’ve seen with Dahlias? Perhaps, and if so – Naomi and her book are the place to begin your journey.

Ranunculus takes us through a plethora of gorgeous plants, how to grow and care for them, all the while with an abundance of their history, origins and beginnings. Naomi isn’t shy about the fact that some aren’t the easiest to grow, but with her helpful advice, this shouldn’t be a problem for even the most inexperienced buttercup growers among us.

Part garden tome, part travel book – this book really does take us on a journey around the globe, up mountains and down again.

It’d be remiss of me to not mention the superb photography throughout this book, from Georgianna Lane. Georgianna is as much a part of this book as Naomi is and their words and images twist together to create something rather beautiful. If you’d like to explore more from both of them then do ensure you seek out Lilacs, Dahlias, Hydrangeas and Lilies – all in the same series.

Ranunculus is out now from Pavilion Books with an RRP of £25, or you can buy it now here for just £20!

Do check out Naomi’s Instagram page or Twitter for more from her, and also Georgianna’s Instagram and Twitter for more beautiful imagery.

See you again soon for another garden book review

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Ranunculus from the publisher (Pavilion Books) in return for my review. No payment was made in return for said review and the words, opinions and views above are those of my own.

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