Book Review: ‘Not Another Jungle’ by Tony Le-Britton

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Need some help with your houseplants? Tony Le-Britton has got your back!

I’ve said it before and I’ll certainly say it again, houseplants are set for a timely end if they enter our house – but all being well Not Another Jungle will put a quick end to that.

**But, before we go any further, do make sure you listen to my recent conversation with Tony- where, among other things – we discuss more about the book! You can listen to that here**

Tony Le-Britton is an expert, there’s no doubt about it. And if you’ve seen his Instagram page (@notanotherjungle) then you’ll know already about his huge collection of houseplants of all manner of varieties. Some common, some rare and some super rare – but they all have one thing in common with eachother, they are all in the best possible hands. I’d urge you to really delve into Tony’s IG page as its a real treasure trove of fantastic houseplanty goodness that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

But what about the book and how about the name? Not Another Jungle comes from the name Tony gave to his Instagram account but also is the name of his plant shop in Northampton AND now this book, all about his love for houseplants. The cover tells us that this is a book of ‘comprehensive care for extraordinary houseplants‘ and it is exactly that. Covering all the things you’d expect from someone with such a wealth of knowledge such as advice around light levels, watering, propagation, pests and more.

But there’s also a chapter on variegation, something Tony is madly passionate about and something that can make one plant truly unique to another of the same variety.

Not only is this expertly written and backed up by Tony’s only experiences, but the photography (by Jason Ingram) only adds to making this a book of real importance for the houseplant community.

Not Another Jungle is is out now from DK Books with an RRP of £16.99 and is available in all good bookshops and online.

Do check out Tony’s Instagram page for more and if you’re in Northampton then do pop in to the shop to buy yourself a plant – you might even go on a day when Tony is there..

See you again soon for another garden book review

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Ranunculus from the publisher (Pavilion Books) in return for my review. No payment was made in return for said review and the words, opinions and views above are those of my own.

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