– About –

Hi, I’m Adam aka ‘View From The Potting Bench’ – a gardener, writer and podcaster, who cant get enough of all things green! No, you don’t get it – seriously, this is a passion beyond anything you could imagine. Eating, sleeping, breathing….plants. Any opportunity to talk about plants, look at plants, draw plants – you could say its a bit of an addiction really. But, let me tell you more…

Its the usual story to begin with – I grew in the garden with my parents and grandparents but never appreciated it at the time, not until years later. In my late twenties we bought our first house and along with that came the garden of course – and a sudden overwhelming desire to make this a haven for me and my family. Filled with all the things we love to look at and love to eat. Our garden is now packed full of tulips, salvias, dahlias and gosh knows what else is hiding under the surface of the soil.

A few short years ago, during the first UK lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, I hit the button to create an Instagram account. Little did I know that doing that would unlock a world of gardening I hadn’t even thought about and, its a cliché, but I haven’t looked back since. Since then I’ve created a successful Instagram following, a website (this!), a podcast and I now also write for some of the gardening magazines that you’ll see regularly on the shelves of newsagents up and down the land.

And on top of all that, I’m also available for talks, shows and events for workshops (more of which I can tell you about on request, form below). I’ve got a real wealth of knowledge on all the things I’m passionate about and sharing that with groups of other enthusiasts is the highlight of all of this!

AND, the cherry on the cake – I’m now working on my first book!