This year, perhaps more than ever, we’ve all tried to do our fair share of things to help protect the environment but have you tried Coir yet?

I’ve teamed up with Coir Products UK to share with you, the benefits of using coir in your garden!

Usually when we’re thinking about sowing some seeds or potting something up then we’ll just grab the nearest bag of compost we can find….right? Well I certainly did until I started using Coir earlier this year and its really changed the way that I think, both sustainably and consciously.

If you haven’t heard of Coir, or tried it yet then this is the blog post for you! (By the way, it’s pronounced COY-er!)

Coir is essentially a natural fibre from the outside of a coconut that is….100% biodegradable…

…so you can imagine that its production and content means that its a fantastic alternative for use in you garden. You may have seen it before in the form of a hanging basket liner, you know the stuff; brown, fibrous and tough – and that’s the same stuff that I’m talking about here.

Coir Products UK sell a range of coir items but the main ones I use are the biodegradable pots, coir bricks, coir discs and CoirCoins. The pots are wonderful because you can grow in them and then just plant the whole thing in the ground…no plastic, no mess and no fuss! The bricks, discs and coins are all essentially made from the same thing but are just in different shapes. You simply just add them to water and they absorb it all, turning them into the perfect sustainable potting mix, ready to use. If you’re a lazy gardener, like me, then the coins can be sown straight into!

It’s been well documented how we need to use less Peat based compost…

…so much so that the government have plans to ban its use by 2024 and thankfully Coir is one of those options! Peat free, sustainable and perhaps even more importantly plastic free!

If you’d like to find out more about Coir then do check out the Coir Products UK website for more info on how you can make the change today.

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Adam 🍂

Disclaimer: This post is as part of a partnership with Coir Products UK. Links included here are to the items mentioned, on the Coir Products UK website. Links are not affiliates.

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