The Potting Bench Diaries – 12th January 2022

What’s The Weather Like: Well I’ve only gone and bloody done it haven’t I…I posted last week about it not being cold and no frosts but then two hard frosts AND snow! But since then its been super super mild again – and even…the lighter mornings are starting! Spring is starting to *feel* like its coming….!

What I’m Doing: I’ve thought about trying to tidy some bits up here and there but haven’t got round to it yet – not much else going on outside right now and it still feels like now is the time for preparation. Sorting out the zippy greenhouse a bit and getting that ready for the onslaught of seedlings coming its way (more about the zippy coming later in the week to IG).

The temptation to do some more sweet peas has been so strong but I’m waiting for Lizzie’s sow along on Saturday 22nd for the next (and probably last) lot!

So so happy to be seeing so many people doing sweet peas this year, that havent before or are wanting to give them another bash. There is a fantastic episode of the Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson podcast all about sweet peas which has some genuinely brilliant tips in it. It’s a brilliant podcast anyway but this episode is of real interest, give it a listen if its your first time sowing!

Anything Else? Elsewhere I’ve been getting the seed sowing organised and planned. Last week I sorted the seeds but this week I’ve been through them and added them to my gardening diary so I don’t forget when to do them.

Lots of different ways to do this; just a notebook or a pad? But I’ve found using a ‘proper’ diary really gets me organised and helps me track what I want to do every week. Can’t say that I’ll stick to it but might as well start as a we mean to go on!

What I’m Sowing This Week: This week I’ve sown a few poppies but nothing else. As the weeks go on the sowing will get more and more and some of the later weeks are looking to be very busy sowing weeks indeed! Looking at my diary and getting the seeds sorted has made me realise just how busy it’s going to be….I’m going to need a bigger greenhouse!

I’ll be back next Wednesday with another entry to The Potting Bench Diaries.

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