The Potting Bench Diaries – 2nd March 2022

What’s The Weather Like: Spring is coming….it is….isn’t it? Honestly, though – I think it is! The air is still cool and crisp but there is a certain little warmth that wasn’t there before. The weekend just gone has wonderful gardening weather and by the looks of things on Instagram, you’ve all been out enjoying it too.

The crocus are finally coming out to say hello…just about! Lots of colour coming through now and before we know it the daffs will all be open and the tulips won’t be far behind either! Seeing the bulbs coming up is one of the best things about this time of year for me.

What I’m Doing: Unlike last week, I’ve done tonnes of actual outdoor gardening this week – particularly at the weekend and its felt great! We’ve made way for the start of the veg patch (more on that below) and planted up our blueberry bush, in ericaceous compost…before we know it the chillis will be big enough to pot on too (more on that below too!).

Elsewhere, we’ve been tidying up the borders a little, clearing some of the fallen leaves that haven’t rotted away and other fallen debris to allow new growth to see the sun. There was also a huge echium that needed moving to allow for something else…I dare say it’ll be more cosmos!

We’ve stripped out what was left in this planter to make way for the beginnings of our little family veg patch! This raised planter I made a few years ago is now home to garlic (at the back) and will soon have some carrot friends at the front. Here is M mixing in some sand for the carrots.

What I’m Sowing This Week: Another fairly quiet week of sowing this week with just some aubretia and lobelia that I picked up from Wilko on a bit of a whim. Both should be easy enough to grow and they fit the colour scheme we’re going with in the garden, purple and white!

What is Germinating!: A few more Rudbeckia ‘White Swan’ have come out and the Bat Flower has put on some growth after germinating since the last update too. The Bat flower took ages to germinate but now it has its really racing ahead! The chillis have germinated now too and…

…they’ll soon be ready to pot on into their first proper pots. Looks like there will be three of each of the varieties to begin with but I’ll probably narrow that down to just one plant of each to save space.

Anything Else? The plans for the sweet peas roll on but I’m not quite ready to show you them just yet, maybe next week?! Other than that I’m hoping to fix a little storm damage to the zippy next week but its nothing in comparison to what some people have had.

Hope you all have a good week and enjoy some of the sun/wind/rain/snow (delete as appropriate!!)

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